Antidepressants common choice for anxiety in the UK

Written by Staff Writer, CNN

Researchers say that it is crucial that GPs record an individual’s likely anxiety levels , which can only be determined based on when people are asked these questions in their GP.

The study, published on Monday in the British Journal of Psychiatry, found that nearly 10% of patients who suffered anxiety were aware of a therapist who would be able to offer relief.

The researchers say that current information may not be accurate.

“Psychotherapy is not only a commonly used treatment for chronic psychiatric problems, it is becoming increasingly prevalent, with one in five people seeking the care of a psychotherapist at some point during their lifetime, according to recent population estimates,” study leader Professor Malcolm Griffiths, of the Universities of Southampton and Leeds, said in a statement.

“Our research has highlighted gaps in information provided by GPs when patients seek care, suggesting that many patients may not receive the correct treatment in their first instance for the condition, which could lead to unnecessary and sometimes counterproductive distress, unplanned hospital admissions and disability.”

The study provides greater clarity over which forms of psychotherapy are effective in treating people with the condition.

Previously, only half of GPs were aware of the approach that is currently the most popular form of therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy.

The study collected data from a nationwide survey of 119,000 people carried out in July 2015. The individuals were assessed for anxiety symptoms and asked to identify specific therapists within their local community.

The results also show that 75% of GPs were aware of clinical antidepressants as a possible remedy, compared to 78% in 2015.

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