How We Are Harming Mother Nature

There are small things we unwittingly do that end up harming Mother Nature. Have you ever found yourself leaving your tap water running while you are busy brushing your teeth? Perhaps you have even tossed your dead batteries in the trash. So many innumerable things. This article looks some of the little things we do that harms our environment.


The majority of individuals are not guilty of deliberately trashing the environment. However, almost everybody litters carelessly now and then. Do you know that it takes some conscious effort to place refuse in its place? We have all seen those unsightly plastic water bottles, cigarette butts and food packaging lying on the sides of the road within a short just distance of waste bins.

Wasting food

Most leftover foods may be frozen and later reheated for future meals. And the majority of packaged goods may be long used after their expiry dates. However, a large chunk of all foods bought end up in the trash.

Wasting Paper

Even though paper can be recycled, unfortunately, most of them are not. And man still uses napkins, towels, disposable paper bags and diapers instead of disposable materials. We use utility bills that are sent by mail instead of sent digitally, and books purchased from stores instead of ones borrowed from the library among other virtually endless examples.

Wasting Water

Instead of letting water run while teeth brushing, we do not utilize low-flow showerheads to help in reducing water usage, or even simple filters to help in purifying drinking water. There are many benefits of drinking water daily and we don’t utilise water properly.

Wasting Electricity

Do you know that power plants today are the planet’s biggest polluters? When we leave appliances and lights on unnecessarily or fail to insulate homes plus water heaters, these acts lead to pollution.

Toxic Homes

The majority of homes contain pesticides, degreasers, stain removers plus a host of dangerous chemicals. Even if properly used, eventually they return to our environment and contaminate lakes, oceans, and groundwater. The simple solution is using natural and eco-friendly products.

Improper Disposal

Toxic garbage ought to be taken to dangerous waste collection sites. These include light bulbs, batteries, chemicals, paint, and even DVDs and CDs. Recyclable materials like aluminum and plastic should be separated and sent to their appropriate recycling facilities.

Car Travel

Instead of carpool, use of public transport, walking and carpool, we hop into our cars, even for those short trips, and we end up wasting fossil fuels plus adding to pollution, while a simple solution lies in leaving as often as possible the car in the garage.


It’s not easy to effect changes for the better if a person’s contribution to the issues is not known. You should start by knowing the amount of your own Carbon Footprint. And the result offers a valuable indicator of where significant adjustments can be made.

Protecting Mother Nature Starts with YOU!


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