Henry Cavill Thanks Dog For ‘Unofficial Therapy’ After Military Life

Actor Henry Cavill revealed he recently received some telling news after having his dog, Kal, check up on him.

The actor said on Twitter that Kal ― which means wonder in Hebrew ― has apparently saved his mental health in the last couple of years.

The 40-year-old Cavill said he was having flashbacks to the time when he was fighting in the Iraq War and after a few issues he began having, he was being “questionable.”

“I was on medication, but when we moved to a new country and first move to the U.S., I knew I couldn’t keep taking these pills,” he wrote on Twitter. “I needed to address the core issues I have been dealing with, and experiencing the problems of everyone else who’s a true patriot.”

For people like me who have found that my mental health has been affected due to being in the military and by the trauma I saw and experienced, please pray for me, please pray for my family, and all of the soldiers.” ~ Henry Cavill – 1/1 pic.twitter.com/5TpVxLsBEB — Watch out for Kal (@HenryCavillOfficial) December 28, 2017

He said the dog has been a calming presence since moving to New York City and that his mental health had been a “chronic issue” for the last three years, and that it took “unofficial therapy from my dog and acupuncture” for the “beautiful relief” he has now.

Henry Cavill stars as Superman in the DC Comics films, and also plays the title role in the television series “The Man From U.N.C.L.E.”

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