Man charged with arson and burglary in connection with fire at golf course clubhouse

A City of London worker has been charged with arson and burglary after a fire at a golf course clubhouse meant to be used for homeless people ignited.

According to the BBC, Nikolaus Von Boetticher was charged with three counts of arson and three counts of burglary in connection with the fire, which was reported last Friday. The man worked as a manager at St Margaret’s City Golf Club, which is known for its charitable work, the BBC reports.

The fire, which destroyed at least some of the clubhouse, was reported at about 4:30 a.m. on Friday, according to the Evening Standard.

The fire destroyed the full-sized gym and a couple of rooms meant for people who wouldn’t otherwise have access to a private sports club, the Standard reports.

Police said the fire was “intentionally lit” on the same night that a city-run homeless shelter, which had served about 30 people, was set ablaze, according to the Standard.

An organization called Cafedirect stepped in and began using the clubhouse for the shelter after the fire, the Standard reports.

According to the Evening Standard, funds to help re-open the clubhouse were “near total chaos.”

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