Meet Kiosk Cledwyn: The Australian man who was voted out of I’m a Celebrity

Who is Kiosk Cledwyn?

The notorious Aussie “celebrity” voted out of I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here! on Sunday. Though he was eliminated in the ninth episode, we certainly won’t be seeing him again — he did very poorly, according to the judges. Kiosk Cledwyn was reportedly blindfolded, having to stay in an inescapable enclosure with a cage filled with gallons of poison. He was all alone in there. Things would be awkward for anyone. Many people commented on Cledwyn’s looks, particularly his resemblance to his former boss, Kris Kristofferson, and the famous image of Hugh Hefner amid his collection of human genitalia.

Did you ever think I was gonna say this: I’m a Celebrity is my least favorite reality show of the year. — Staci Vespa (@realstaci) August 5, 2017

How did he do?

His name’s Kiosk Cledwyn, and he was a good excuse to go back to that Central Casting age of questionable character traits. In his four episodes on the show, he stood mostly silently, letting strangers call his name. It can’t have been easy having to watch all those viewers yell insults at you. He seemed to have learned a few things, though, like how to leave your cell phone in a different place each time, and how to quickly snap into knee-high flippers and never budge.

Does he still exist?

Definitely. According to “Cledwyn,” himself:

According to “Dolly,” him:

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What do we know about the real Kiosk Cledwyn?

Well, there’s only one. The rumors of a real version of Kiosk Cledwyn, including one that he was supposed to have served in a propaganda role in WW2, are probably, to put it politely, uncalled for.

From Wikipedia:

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