New York sends monkeys to Canada and Florida

During the last few months, New York City animal control officers have had to deal with what looks like a mini monkey crisis in New York. Quite possibly the most widespread of animal problems, monkeys have been increasingly found throughout the city. The animals have been attacking pedestrians, stealing cell phones and driving cars. But they’ve been the most visible — when a monkey bit a little girl on the hand in the Bronx, the girl’s father took to social media, posting the horrifying images of his daughter in need of stitches. As luck would have it, the girl was a newlywed, and she’d recently bought her honeymoon bag. And if we wanted to tweet about the new ways to groom a monkey, we’d also need an update on the images of tortoise-farming. But the city is teaming up with the rescue group The Bronx Zoo to send animals to zoos in Canada, Florida and Pennsylvania. But these Big Apple animals can’t just be sent away: The city has some rules about carrying monkeys around. So far, police have posted pictures of what they had to do when monkeys have been seen running across the road, and then the monkey grabs a swing and goes for a car. “I know, I’m crazy,” police officer Michael McClain told the New York Post. “Yeah, maybe I have to live in a cage.” He says he recently held a monkey in the bathroom after the animal attacked him.

Read the full story at the New York Post.


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