Ancient tablet stolen in Iraq returned

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The Gilgamesh tablet was taken by soldiers in the war against Iran

A rare 10th century tablet stolen by Iraqi soldiers 30 years ago has been returned to the country.

It had been smuggled out of the country with the theft of the tablets going unchallenged for more than two decades.

The Buddha statue and tablet were brought back to Baghdad in a shipment of five other ancient artefacts.

All five were returned to museums but the tablet was made the centrepiece of the show to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the lifting of Iraqi sanctions.

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Iraq’s cultural heritage is protected by both local and international groups.

A previous wooden tablet was returned in 2015, 10 years after it was discovered in the United States.

Many other Iraqi artifacts have been looted or are being held by locals who are unwilling to hand them over.

Source: BBC

How has Iraq fared under US leadership?

Iraq was thrown into turmoil by the US invasion in 2003.

It nearly fell into civil war in 2006 when the former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein was executed and sectarian violence reignited.

It is now the fourth most underdeveloped country in the world according to the UN, according to the United Nations Development Programme, and suffers major food shortages.

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