Ex-model who accused Sean Penn of sexually assaulting her: ‘They filmed it and posted it on Facebook’

Nuptials, with Gloria Allred.

Gloria Allred has released a statement saying that she represents a British woman named Ghislaine Maxwell, a former model, who is the sister of a former model named Virginia Roberts, who is suing to regain her alleged virginity and control of her finances. Allred says that Maxwell, who is 43, had told Roberts that she and Allred were at the event with the US Naval Academy quarterback, Chase Douglass, the teen and her party host, Duke Club co-owner and restaurateur Jason Koch.

Allred says that Roberts claims she and Koch attended the event in which Mercer and Stults were photographed with Roberts and her friends. In a statement, Maxwell allegedly told Roberts that she met Douglass and Mercer when she took Roberts and her friends to the US Naval Academy on a yacht to meet her mother. Mercer allegedly took the photographs of Roberts and Koch.

But Roberts’s lawyer denies this account, claiming that Mercer and Stults took the photograph and then used the images to defame Roberts’s character in order to “bully and harass” her and others. Roberts’s lawyer, Gloria Allred, didn’t deny that Mercer and Stults were guests at the event.

The statement issued by Allred says that Roberts is a sex trafficking victim who became pregnant and was sold into prostitution at the age of 18. Roberts alleges that Mercer and Mercer’s mother, Ghislaine Maxwell, worked with hotelier Mike Moskovits to control and manipulate Roberts into agreeing to have sex with Mercer and Stults. Maxwell has been accused of sex trafficking and coercing women and girls into a criminal sex ring.

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