Meet the 10 new NASA astronauts who just got picked

For the first time since 2017, NASA announced 10 new recruits (as of this writing it has released four more) who will be part of the 2018 class of astronauts, NASA announced Thursday.

The three men and seven women in the class are selected from more than 1,100 applicants.

NASA selects members of its astronaut corps, which includes 70 seats, based on several factors, including academic achievement, astronaut experience, as well as tests and performance.

The astronaut corps has already been through one cut in recent months: A 2017 group of 39 was cut before becoming official after they had to undergo a rigorous vetting process, during which they were tested on the basic science and engineering skills and required to pass physical evaluations.

Once sworn in to the corps, the newest recruits will begin the process of securing a permanent flight assignment, which is required before astronauts are ever assigned to a mission.

Here’s the full list:

Doctor Adam Humphries

Flight Engineer John Mulholland

Artist Kjell Lindgren

Game Designer Kate Rubins

Physics Graduate Carol Murray

Astronaut Jim Hopkins

Astronaut Megan McArthur

Astronaut Christopher Thomas

Data Capturing Systems Engineer Noel Jackson

Photographer Sarah Shourd

Engineer Kjell Lindgren

Astronaut Jasmine Cruz

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