‘Nothing is meaningful,’ says an South African man living in Johannesburg

If a June 21 prophecy from American Christian numerologist David Meade is to be believed, the end of the world as we know it may just be only days away. The end-of-days prophecy is based on a trio of astronomical events; the planet will pass between the sun and Earth — the retrogressing titan, Proxima Centauri; Mars’ gravity will impede the planet’s path, and Jupiter will move into the inner orbit of the sun. These are significant in the construction of the universe, and often cause a dramatic change in the course of astronomic events.

Why is this happening now? It’s not clear. It was Meade who first suggested in 2010 that the world was not so near the end of the world, but rather a very fast-approaching date. He advanced his observation, selling thousands of copies of a manuscript which would prove it, at the invitation of students at the NASA Ames Research Center in the Bay Area. If his prediction were true, a paper published by a German mathematician would theoretically pass into the machines on that date.

Jonathan Grillo is the picture of calm. He sits under a portrait of Harry Beck and studies a world map. He grew up in Australia, but decided to move to Johannesburg when he found it too easy to get a job. He says he will not be following the end of the world, nor will he be attending the Dec. 21 mass. Although he knows his brother lives in New Jersey and his nephew in Florida, he knows nothing more about the upcoming apocalypse.

“The bible isn’t in me, so it’s all, everything is meaningless,” he said. “I follow my heart. I like the sound of silence, so I would certainly rather have a life without a lot of noise, but because you hear all this noise in the news, it almost encourages me to go and live underground.”

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