‘She told me she was 20 years old’: Gruesome details behind the screen role of ‘Rust & Bone’ Italian mobster

The father of Emma Andree Gutierrez-Reed, the Italian mobster who played the lead role in the movie “Rust & Bone” on screen and off-screen, tells The Palm Beach Post that his daughter complained about her “oversized” wardrobe while on the set in California.

Her character is a strong-willed horsewoman who spends much of the movie, played by Marion Cotillard, dealing with a traumatic injury sustained on a horse.

“At first, she had the wardrobe she wanted, but after awhile she asked for these boots to be taken off,” said Mauricio Andree Gutierrez, who lives in Naples, Fla.

He said his daughter decided to quit acting after one day of filming.

“She knew what she was getting into,” Mauricio Andree Gutierrez said. “She was 20 years old and asked to go home. I said OK.”

Emma Gutierrez-Reed’s first acting gig was a small role in 2013’s “The Ledge.” She played an older version of Cotillard’s character’s daughter, who falls in love with Cotillard’s.

The movie’s producers declined to comment to The Palm Beach Post. The Post has requested comment from Cotillard, the film’s director, Jacques Audiard, and from the film’s producers, Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu and Emiliano Negret.

In 2017, “Rust & Bone” took home the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film, best actress at the Critics’ Choice Awards and a slew of other honors.

The role of Emma Ingrid Gutierrez, which may have translated as more than 7.5 feet tall, will never be spoken about in the detail that the story of fictional actress Claire Bennet was filled with.

When Claire made her way to Italy to play Marion Cotillard’s character during the film’s last scene, she looked just like Emma, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Because the awards season is heating up and “The Shape of Water” won a Best Picture Academy Award and several other honors this past weekend, her sibling will likely make an appearance at some point in 2019.

But what will her brothers do without Emma? And what can we expect to learn on her first appearance in the Oscar-winning film this year?

Sara Banks

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